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The GENIVI Alliance is a collaborative community of more than 140 automakers and suppliers with the shared goal of providing open technology for the connected car. At the core of the GENIVI open connectivity platform is the Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) technology which provides a standardized means for communications between the vehicle and its remote services over a number of different protocols.

The Remote Vehicle Interaction project provides a secure, remote vehicle control from smart devices, software-over-the-air updates (SOTA) and efficient, two-way transfer of vehicle data and driver information. The project delivers an open source software framework for connecting vehicles to cloud services and mobile devices that  handles authentication, authorization, discovery of services and data exchange over any network topology.

RVI is one of the first connected car technologies developed with an open, community-based development model.

It is among the first automotive connectivity software that is available to all, enabling anyone from students to startups to major automotive original equipment manufacturers to quickly develop the next generation of connected features.

Several (RVI) demonstrations were shown at various industry events in 2016. These include cars fitted with RVI demonstrations that include remote data logging,secure software-over-the-air (SOTA) updating, media and analytics measuring, and smartphone app control of select in-car features such as media manager and climate control.

The free and open software code is available at:https://github.com/GENIVI/rvi_core

Collaboration with Standard Development Organizations (SDO)

Connected vehicles are becoming increasingly important to future IoT and mobility visions for smart homes, smart cities, and smart citizens. As a result, GENIVI has developed active liaison relationships with the W3C / Automotive Business Group (focusing on the standardization of Web APIs) and the Open Connectivity Foundation / Automotive project (focusing on the standardization of protocols and data models for the Internet of Things). The purpose of these active collaborations is to align the definition of vehicle data interfaces and apis and data models for exchanging data between the vehicle and the Web or the home .

The GENIVI Vehicle Signal Specification project – which intends to normalize the data created in a car across all OEMs – is at the heart of this joint work  (https://github.com/GENIVI/vehicle_signal_specification). GENIVI is also working with W3C on the extension of GENIVI standard location-based services web apis for navigation.

Startup Associate Member Program Grows

In the USA, GENIVI is collaborating with Techstars,  a start-up promotion program in Detroit, to strengthen the relationship between mobility-focused startup companies and the automotive industry. Techstars mobility companies in good standing can join the GENIVI Startup Associate Member (SAM) Program at no cost. This membership will provide the startup companies with access to the GENIVI member community and broader visibility to the IVI and connected vehicle ecosystem, while providing GENIVI members with an opportunity to work with entrepreneurial companies who are bringing new, innovative ideas to the rapidly changing mobility and transportation industry.

The GENIVI SAM Program, now with over 30 member companies, encourages immediate, active participation in GENIVI  technical and business activities by startups as they develop their first automotive products. The companies are introduced to the IVI and connected vehicle software context, and receive technical direction and guidance in the development or re-engineering of their prototype to meet automotive requirements. At the recent GENIVI All Member Meeting (October 2016), program sessions were held to hear from some of the startup organizations and a Startup Alley was featured at the GENIVI Member Showcase where startups showcased their products and/or approach. Some of these startup organizations are already active in the European market.

Text prepared by Philippe Robin, GENIVI Program Manager, La Rochelle, France – Contact details : https://www.genivi.org/contact-us

GENIVI and FabMob will increase synergies for open source developement and startups integrations. More info on our Wiki.

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