In preparation for #OSSPARIS16, la Fabrique de la mobilité organize a firstMobility Workshop with the community of open source software on September 27th, in the public digital agency of the Paris Region called la Fonderie. 

WhereLa fonderie Ile de France

When : september 27 th – 10h to 17h / Coffee with La Fonderie – Break outside


Why is it important and useful to have open source software in the field of mobility ?

  • Introduction of Paris Open Source Summit
  • Sharing different points of view from industry, city, entrepreneurs, at national and international levels
  • A Short survey will be send before and results shared during the workshop

Overview of the workshop

  • What are the existing software available today ? example, story around and consequences.
  • What are the next developement on going and at short term ?

Presentation from different stakeholders : developer, city authority, facilitators (INRIA, CEREMA, AFIMB)

Territories :

  • PACA cf plateforme openPACA, working with Jean-Louis Zimmerman d’OSM (Carto party with SNCF stations in PACA)
  • Métro Grenoble / Metromobilité using OpenTripPlanner + plateform opendata mobility
  • Euro Région Aquitaine-Euskadi / Julien de Labaca Transfermuga with Navitia
  • Toulouse Tisseo + Toulouse (data real timel en open source)
  • Auvergne region / Auvergne mobilité (Navitia, TimeTable), Open data Auvergne. Feedbacks from M.Derouet before the workshop

Startups & consultants :

Andrew Byrd (Conveyal – OpenTripPlanner), Tristram Gräbener (CaptainTrain), Vincent Lara (projet API Le.Taxi at Etalab), Stephan de Koninck (Bliksem – Hollande,  software open source RRRR), Hugues Romain (RCS Mobility Lausanne, software open source Synthese), Vincent Picavet d’Oslandia & Aurélie Bousquet Cerema (software Tempus open source), Pieter Colpaert (OpenTransport group at OKFN), Latitude Cartagene (app web site for CarPostal), Laurent Grégoire (Mecatran, Christophe Duquesne (Aurige), Alban Peignier (AF83), Philippe Vappereau (RATP – Calypso using licence open source), Gilles Betis (Transdev Digital Factory), Stéphane Laurière (OW2), Sampo Hietanen (Whim – MAAS), Simon Ho ( Travel Spirit :, Daniel Duris (Open source Bike Share under testing in Bratislava).

Companies :

CityWay/Transdev, Kisio/Keolis, RATP/Ixxi, SNCF, PSA, Michelin, HERE, SYSTRA

Public Authority :

  • Bernard Schwob, AFIMB
  • European Commission

Agenda – Presentations and Work in groups

Presentations of Existing Open source softwares :

  • Who/How can contribute and propose evolutions ?
  • How can we index, develop together ?
  • Feedbacks and evaluations, fail analysis …
  • How improve contribution without reducing utilisation ? Many cities authorities are in general users, but not really contributors, and industrials in general want to push their proposition but not really co-create and contribute; How can we evolve ?

Morning – Presentation of the following developments :

  • New open source softwares :
    • What are the need for the coming months ? how can we decide the most usefull development ?
    • What organisation fits to this ?

Afternoon – Works in Groups about Existing Resources, Funding , Wealths :

  • How can we manage and improve existing resources : organisation, management, evaluation, contribution,
  • How can we identify and select new resources : identification, selection, development
  • How can we provide funding ? state of the art
  • Can we provide other wealth ?
  • How can we evolve from software 100% funded by public to a community support with several contributions and fundings ?
  • Allocate 1% of budget for open source projects. This budget could be managed by FabMob.

Deliverables of the workshop :

  • Indexation :
  • Documentation on the wiki and github
  • Roadmap for developments
  • Identification of common needs to be co-create
  • How can we improve contribution without reducing utilisation (by transparency)
  • Create an evangelisation for open source culture for city and industry
  • Network and discussion group with a social network to be defined

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